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I’m working on an outage here in Vermont where the current temp is -12 (that’s not a typo) and I just wanted to tell you how much TruVizion is helping us out in finding the problem. In weather like this your software program is invaluable to us.
George Goodrich, TransVideo
The pre-planning ZCorum did prior to migrating our subscribers obviously paid off. I can’t say what you might have done differently to have made it any smoother, which is a testimony to how well it went. We’re very happy with the level of service we and our customers receive from ZCorum, and are also big fans of the TruVizion diagnostics software, which is much better than what we had before.
Bob Young, WEHCO Video
I’m REALLY enjoying the Geo-Coding feature you guys added. I really love the software and I love the way you are continually expanding the product.
Oliver Wilson, St. Maarten Cable TV
TruVizion is a Godsend for us. We’re able to identify and resolve the root issues causing service problems at the subscriber level, and that has reduced our service calls tremendously. I was doing twenty to thirty calls a week before and now it’s less than ten.
Jeff Phillips, S. Breyer Cable

DOCSIS, DSL & FTTH Diagnostics

TruVizion’s patented technology gives broadband providers greater insight into the current and historical performance on their network, helping reduce downtime and improve customer satisfaction.

One interface for DOCSIS, Fiber and DSL networks
Diagnostics for Data, VoIP and WiFi
Historical data to track down intermittent issues
Post install reports to improve installations
Interactive mapping to pinpoint trouble
Useful for multiple groups in your organization
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TruVizion Network Diagnostics Benefits

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PreEqualization Analyzer not only allows us to benefit from pre-equalization, but it shows us where the issues are in the upstream plant so we can find the source of the problem before service for our customers is affected.
Jarrod Head, Director of Engineering, Fidelity
We never would have found that fitting had it not been for PreEqualization Analyzer. It pointed us right to the problem.
Marty Carollo, Network Manager, Sweetwater Cable

Proactive Network Maintenance (PNM)

PreEqualization Analyzer is a DOCSIS Proactive Network Maintenance (PNM) tool that shows you impairments in your upstream cable plant before they affect service for your subscribers. Get multiple tools for Cable Plant Diagnostics in one interface.

See microreflections and group delay
Find issues in the home, at the drop and further out in the plant
Identify groups of modems affected by a common impairment
Isolate the location of impairments to less than 50 feet
View historical data for each modem
Filter devices by severity level and node
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Our outside plant engineer has been using Upstream Analyzer and he’s been using it to see noise in some of the upstream. I compared what he was seeing in Upstream Analyzer with the data I was actually seeing on a hardware spectrum analyzer and I was pretty impressed with how identical it was to each other.
Eric Gahr, Technical Operations Manager, Fidelity Communications

Return Path Spectrum Analyzer Software

Upstream Analyzer is a software-based analyzer for your return path that reads the spectrum directly from your CMTS. There’s no expensive headend equipment, and you can view the spectrum at any time from any location.
No expensive equipment, complicated cabling or headend real estate
View real-time and historical spectrum data
Monitor every upstream port 24×7
View spectrum from any location on a PC, tablet or smartphone
See ingress under the carrier with one click
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Upstream Analyzer

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Without the continued professionalism of our Account Manager Linda Josey, and all the crews from Engineering, Tech Support, NOC Monitoring, management, there is no way we could pull off providing this service. To say we appreciate all you do, is simply not enough.
Marty Carollo, Network Manager, Sweetwater Cable
Digital voice is the perfect compliment to an operator’s broadband service, and cloud-based VoIP adds immediate revenue to the bottom line with minimal cost.
Rick Yuzzi, Vice President of Marketing, ZCorum

Wholesale Residential and Commercial VoIP

VoiSelect is an affordable, wholesale digital voice solution that lets you quickly roll out voice service, expand into new markets or eliminate aging TDM equipment.

Residential and Commercial Plans
Free local and long-distance in the Continental US
Nationwide coverage and Local Number Portability
Single lines, Hosted PBX or SIP trunks
Brandable, web-based VoIP Control Panel
Fully hosted and managed
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StoAmigo Tack App empowers end users to work and play remotely without the prohibitive cost of storing data in the public cloud.

Personal Cloud App for Home & Office

StoAmigo Tack App is a free, light-weight desktop application that improves on current cloud technology by eliminating the need to upload or sync files. StoAmigo Tack App allows your broadband subscribers to instantly access, stream, and share their digital content from any remote location or mobile device, completely bypassing the costs and strict storage limits of other cloud solutions.

Enhance broadband service for your customers with free software
Avoid expense of purchasing storage in the public cloud
Bypass storage limits of other cloud solutions like Dropbox and Google Drive
Keep files secure on a personal computer, not in the public cloud
Share or unshare files by remote
Free file sharing video
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We switched to ZCorum from another provider because of the exceptional quality of service ZCorum delivers. The technical proficiency of their call center staff, and their highly-functional software portfolio was the perfect solution for us. We’ve already found their customer service level to be first class. If there is an issue overnight, by the time I get to the office the next morning I already have an email detailing what the issue was and what steps were taken to correct it.
Jeff Sullivan, President, Reveille Broadband

Fully Managed Broadband Services

Let us handle the critical but complicated services that drive your broadband business. We can provision your devices, host your email accounts, and handle end-user support. We’ll even throw in access to our award-winning diagnostics and up to five hours of engineering support for your staff each month.  

Data and VoIP Provisioning (including IPv6)
Email Service (POP, IMAP, SMTP and Webmail)
TruVizion Diagnostics (DOCSIS, DSL, Fiber)
24×7 End-user Technical Support (data, voice, video)
Engineering Assistance (5 hours/month)
NOC Monitoring (up to 20 hosts included)


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ZCorum offers a solution and a cost structure that is more manageable than other providers. In addition, they have a clear commitment to customer service and support.
David Langout, President, Cableview Communications
We really needed more support and tools than we were able to get locally, and I’m already happy with the level of customer service ZCorum has been providing to our customers and my staff.
Cathy Donovan, Vice President, Polaris Cable
The communities we serve rely on us to provide them with the best possible customer service whenever they need it. We switched to ZCorum because of their longtime commitment to customer service and support.
Will Bashlor, Manager of IP Services, Alma Telephone

Helpdesk Services for Broadband Subscribers

ZCorum can provide technical support your broadband subscribers from our US-based call centers. We help Cable, DSL, Wireless and Fiber customers, and we support data, voice and video service. Whether you need 24×7 coverage, after-hours or just a little overflow support now and then, we’re ready to serve.

Reach us via toll-free number, chat and email
Support for the connection, email, voice and video
Home networking and WiFi support
Support for popular internet security suites
All calls to inbound queue recorded


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“I’d say we’ve easily saved between 45 minutes to an hour per truck roll in some cases. That really adds up when you consider the number of times we’re able to isolate the source of a problem before we drive to an area.”
Maintenance Division Manager, Major MSO

Downstream Spectrum Analyzer Software

Remote Spectrum uses a DOCSIS standard to collect and display the full spectrum passing through a cable modem or set-top box. You can view spectrum for all channels like you would on a meter, but on a PC, a tablet or smartphone, and from wherever you happen to be.

View spectrum for all channels (data and video)
Access spectrum from any location
Compare spectrum from two compatible devices
Convenient desktop and mobile applications
No meter. No network probes. No truck roll.
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By moderating peak usage, we’ll be improving the customer experience for all subscribers. Plus, we can now look at ways to ensure that subscribers who are using the most bandwidth are in a broadband package that’s appropriate for their needs.
Marty Carollo, Network Manager, Sweetwater Cable

Bandwidth Tracking and Usage Management for DOCSIS Networks

Bandwidth Commander lets you accurately track bandwidth usage for every subscriber and enforce net neutral usage management policies. Control bandwidth costs, boost revenue from heavy users, and improve your overall customer experience.

IPDR collector for accurate usage data
Employs net-neutral, usage-based enforcement
Monthly quotas and peak-time usage limits
Bandwidth notifications to subscribers via email or SMS
Online usage meter for subscribers
Comprehensive reporting

How to manage bandwidth during peak hours

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I’ve been with ZCorum almost since day one and we’ve always worked great together and you’ve always taken care of anything we need. You all do a great job! Thanks!
Jon Stouffer, President, Granby Telephone Company

Managed Broadband Provisioning

Tired of dealing with the growing complexity involved in provisioning your subscriber broadband devices? Our Carefree Provisioning service is a carrier-class commercial provisioning system. We handle the implementation and ongoing management. You avoid the large, up-front investment.  

Provision DOCSIS & PON modems, eRouters, voice devices, TR-069 gateways
Full IPv6 and DHCPv6 Support
IPv4 and IPv6 Prefix Delegation
Available as a hosted service or on your virtual infrastructure
ZCorum handles application and OS updates

advanced managed provisioning services

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TruVizion collects diagnostic information for DOCSIS, DSL and Fiber networks!

Loaded with awesome feature which can be used by your office staff, support technicians and engineers.
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