WEHCO Video: Transitioning to a New Managed Broadband Service Provider

“I was unexpectedly surprised. The pre-planning that Scott and Buddy did obviously paid off. I can’t tell you what they might have done different to have made it any smoother, which is a testimony to how well it went. We’re very happy with the level of service we and our customers now receive from ZCorum. We are also big fans of their TruVizion diagnostics software, which is much better than what we had before.”
Bob Young, WEHCO

WEHCO Video operates cable systems in four southern states, where they provide Cable TV service, Broadband access, and digital voice to their subscribers. WEHCO Video’s parent company is WEHCO Media, which also owns and operates several newspapers.

Problem: How To Transition to a Better Service Provider with Minimal Customer Impact

In 2010, WEHCO Video was looking for a new provider of managed broadband services. The company they had used for several years was acquired and they were not happy with the level of service from the new provider. WEHCO had been relying on the provider primarily for provisioning of cable modems, diagnostics software for their cable modem network, as well as email services and support for their data subscribers. After the acquisition it became apparent they would not be receiving the level of customer service and engineering assistance they were accustomed to. Also, the diagnostics software they had been using was no longer being actively supported.

Solution: Keys to a Successful Transition – Detailed Planning & Close Collaboration

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spillwaySpillway Communications: Increasing Bandwidth for Broadband Subscribers

“We saw an immediate difference the next day, and our customers are obviously much happier. It’s great having a partner like ZCorum and experts like Buddy to consult with. The fact that he was able to come out and take care of this for us got us out of a real bind.”
Cliff Greene, Spillway
Increasing Bandwidth

Spillway Communications is a family owned Cable TV and high-speed Internet provider located in Maringouin, Louisiana. The company was started in 1981 to address a need for better TV service in the area. As their video service became more popular and word spread locally, Spillway Cable started serving other nearby towns who also wanted access to cable TV. The company added Internet service in 2000, and today Spillway provides video and broadband services to four different parishes in Southeastern, Louisiana.

Problem: Bandwidth Congestion During Prime-Time Hours in the Maringouin Headend

Like many Internet providers, Spillway Cable was experiencing some growing pains related to the popularity of their own service. They were signing up more customers, which is always a good problem to have. In addition, the average subscriber was transferring more and more data across Spillway’s network. In the earlier days of cable modem service most users didn’t do much more when connected than some basic Web surfing and email.  There were a few heavy users, primarily due to peer-to-peer file sharing applications, but the average subscriber didn’t make that much of an impact on available bandwidth. Today, the average user is spending much more time on-line because of social sites like Pinterest, Facebook, and YouTube, and consuming a huge number of pictures and videos on those sites. Plus, the growing popularity of over-the-top streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, Pandora and others is putting a greater strain on a provider’s bandwidth than ever before.

Solution: ZCorum Multiplies Available Bandwidth by Dividing the Cable Plant

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San Bruno Cable: Reduced Costs and Better After-Hours Support for CATV Subscribers

“Having access to Wincable allows us to send a signal to refresh the customer’s Set-top-box, which resolves more issues than a simple reboot.  Plus, we can do that remotely, without the need to involve the customer.  We also can verify things like whether a customer’s account was current and whether they had ordered a Pay-Per-View event. When someone wants to watch a big Pay-Per-View event, they don’t want to hear that they have to wait until the next business day. “
Steve Firpo, San Bruno
Broadband Case Studies
Founded in 1971, San Bruno Municipal Cable Company is a small, local service provider located in San Bruno, California. The City of San Bruno provides Cable TV services to the community.  Some of the services they provide include digital cable, high speed Internet and digital phone services.

Problem: Lack of Immediate After Hours CATV Support

In 2009 San Bruno Cable TV was considering switching to a new managed service provider for their broadband service. They were interested in reducing their costs, but at the same time they were carefully weighing the impact of a change on their subscribers, including the level of customer support they were receiving. Their overall goal was to reduce expenses where they could, but still maintain or preferably enhance the customer service experience for their subscribers.

Solution: San Bruno signs with ZCorum and Improves After-Hours CATV Support Services

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princetownZCorum’s Engineering Team: Princetown Cable’s Winning Combination

“To all you guys who helped me through that ordeal, Wes, DJ, Brian Tim, Buddy, I lost track there were so many of you, all I can say is thanks. Unexpected, unintended, bizarre, all are in play in describing that experience. My new backbone provider admitted they ‘dropped the ball’, but you guys certainly picked it up. “
Jim D'Allaird, Princetown Cable

Broadband Case StudiesProfile: Princetown Cable 

Princetown Cable is a service provider located in eastern New York.  They offer cable television and broadband cable Internet services to subscribers in the Schenectady area, fifteen miles northwest of the state capital of Albany.

Problem: Missteps During Circuit Provider Transfer

Transferring from one circuit provider to another doesn’t have to be a cumbersome task, but it certainly has to be meticulously planned and well-executed.  Jim D’Allaird at Princetown Cable recognized that his subscribers needed more bandwidth, and decided to transfer his services to another backbone provider.  He and his team worked diligently beforehand with ZCorum engineers to develop and execute a strategy for a seamless transfer.

Solution:  ZCorum’s Engineering Team Takes Control

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