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FCC Chairman Makes Statement Extending Transparency Exemption in Net Neutrality Rules for Small ISPs

2018-04-10T12:34:51+00:00 Categories: Blog, Hot Topics, Industry Perspectives|

On Tuesday, the FCC extended an exemption for smaller Internet Service Providers on the “transparency” portion of the Net Neutrality rules adopted earlier this year. That portion of the ruling requires broadband providers to provide [...]

Guest Feature: The Future of the Internet Lies with Local Choice

2018-04-10T12:38:28+00:00 Categories: Blog, Hot Topics, Industry Perspectives, Technology|

Across the country, a trend has emerged in the 21st century - those communities able to deliver fast, affordable, and reliable Internet to their constituents are in the best position to grow and thrive. The [...]

Net Neutrality, Title II and What it Means to Broadband Providers

2018-04-10T12:38:31+00:00 Categories: Hot Topics, Industry Perspectives, Network Management|

Yesterday the FCC approved new rules to enforce network neutrality. They had passed similar rules back in 2010, but those were struck down in January of last year by the US Court of Appeals in [...]

What You Need to Know about the FCC’s Rural Broadband Experiments

2018-04-10T12:39:30+00:00 Categories: Hot Topics, Industry Perspectives, Technology|

Earlier this year the FCC entertained expressions of interest for Rural Broadband Experiments. The plan is to use Connect America Fund subsidies for last mile rural broadband projects in areas that are considered unserved by [...]

FCC Net Neutrality Proposal: Fast Lanes or Fast Track to More Regulation

2018-04-10T12:39:51+00:00 Categories: Hot Topics, Industry Perspectives|

The FCC voted today to open for public comment potential new Net Neutrality rules. Initial comments will be accepted through July 15th, and from that point replies will be accepted through September 10th. In reading the [...]