Arkansas provider to leverage proactive network maintenance (PNM) tool to reduce troubleshooting time and operational costs.

community communications companyAlpharetta, GA (December 18, 2014)  — ZCorum, a leading provider of managed broadband services and diagnostics, announced that it will provide the newest software based proactive network maintenance tool, PreEqualization Analyzer, to Arkansas based Community Communications Company.

Located in southeast Arkansas, Community Communications Company (CCC) has been providing services to its community since 1972 and today provides cable TV, Internet and VoIP services for both residential and business customers. They were looking for a solution that would help them find and fix upstream impairments proactively, and while they considered other vendors, ZCorum’s Pre-Equalization Analyzer tool was already in production and being used successfully by other cable operators. ZCorum also allowed Community Communications to try out the product before purchasing so they could confirm the functionality and benefits for themselves.

Pre-Equalization Analyzer allows providers to see network impairments, without having to forgo turning on pre-equalization in their network. “Pre-equalization itself is a standard DOCSIS feature that allows cable modems to compensate for upstream impairments on the network,” said Scott Helms, Vice President of Technology at ZCorum. “What we can now offer is a tool that utilizes the pre-equalization data to show operators where those impairments are before they are service-affecting, which can have significant impact on operational costs and customer satisfaction.”

ZCorum President and CEO Julie Compann said, “We are so pleased to welcome Community Communications Company into the ZCorum family. We’re pride ourselves on getting our service provider customers up to speed quickly so they can begin experiencing positive benefits on their network and in their day to day operations.”

Providers can attend a live demo of PreEqualization Analyzer here or sign up for a risk-free trial.