ILoveMyISPWhat better day to announce the winners of our  I ♥ My ISP contest than Valentine’s Day. If you will recall, the contest asked entrants to comment on why their ISP gives them that warm and fuzzy feeling inside. There was a chance to win a $50 Amazon gift card for one lucky person who left a comment, and that lucky person is James Bilskie. James’ comment was randomly selected, and he will now be able to use his Internet connection from NewWave Communications to go shopping at Amazon. His comment below shows just how much he loves his ISP:

“I use NewWave Communications and have the Warp Wave 50 package. I was very hesitant for ANY service provider in my area. The previous company sold 30mb internet that clocked at 1-3mb. I switched to a better “ALL OPTIC” network and my 50mb got me an amazing 4-6mb. I was still unhappy with the speed and price. I decided to try NewWave and now ALWAYS get 50-70mb!!! The local office is amazing with a great staff and my price is LESS than the 15mb package with the other company and less than the 6mb package with DSL. Keep up the Good Work NWC in Vincennes, Indiana!!”

We also want to recognize TV Cable / Zing in Rensselaer, IN as the ISP who received the most love from their customers. TV Cable got the most comments and some rave reviews about their service. We’ll be sending a custom plaque to remind them of the great service they provide. In addition, they are now featured in a spotlight mention on our website and in a press release sent out today. Check out a few of the comments from TV Cable / Zing customers:

“ – I love my internet, phone and cable bundle from TV Cable/Zing. I have fast internet and on rare occasions when I have a problem they fix it within minutes. I highly recommend them all the time.”

“TV Cable/Zing is the awesome-est ISP….bundled Cable TV/Internet/Phone is the best at a great price. I’ve told all my neighbors about this fantastic service. You just can’t beat this provider given the fact that this is a rural area and we would not have this type of service if it wasn’t for TV Cable/Zing. Excellent customer service and prompt response to any issues.”

“Cable, phone and internet in one low-priced package? What’s NOT to love about Zing Tv?”

Congratulations to our winners and thanks for showing the love!