Broadband DiagnosticsCan you tell which cable or DSL modems have been struggling to stay on-line recently? Do you know which customers have installed a splitter in backwards? How about pulling up the full spectrum for a cable modem across town on your tablet? What about seeing ingress under the DOCSIS carrier with the click of a mouse?

None of this is the future. This is “the now” with the latest generation of diagnostics applications from ZCorum.

I know you must be curious. Check out the broadband diagnostics links to the left. And, if you’re really curious, here are the answers to those questions:

  • TruVizion gives you a comprehensive view into the health of your cable or DSL network, including up to 90 days of historical data.
  • PreEqualization Analyzer lets you quickly find upstream impairments like reverse splitters, loose or corroded connectors and bad wiring. Plus, you can be proactive and actually fix those problems before they affect service for your subscribers.
  • Remote Spectrum is an inexpensive app that can do what a meter can do, except it can do it on a tablet from wherever you happen to have Internet access. That means in the office, at home, or in the field.
  • Upstream Analyzer shows you the RF signals for all ports and modems on your Cisco CMTS without any additional equipment, cabling or connectors, and yes, you can see ingress under the carrier with one click.