RF InspectorCable techs have been troubleshooting customer issues in the field pretty much the same way ever since color TV was the latest fad. You hop in a truck, drive to the customer’s home, break out some bulky equipment, connect to the coax, check the readings, and then repeat as needed. That’s so 1960s.

RF Unplugged

Most everything is cordless these days, right? Why not meters? Well, we’ve got something even better. With RF Inspector you don’t have to lug and connect a meter or any other proprietary equipment to do full spectrum analysis at a customer’s home. In fact, you don’t even need to be there. You can view the full spectrum levels on a tablet anywhere you have Internet access.

RF Inspector uses a DOCSIS-standard feature in newer cable modems and set-top boxes that allows for full spectrum capture.  That means spectrum details for all digital channels. Yes, that means all data and video channels right there on your tablet. Plus, you can easily overlay and compare the readings from two different homes right on the same screen. Try doing that with a meter.

Our RF Inspector server-side administration software resides in your facility, where it securely communicates with the compatible CPE on your network. You control who can view the spectrum data via the RF Inspector app.  In short, RF Inspector is like having a spectrum analyzer right at the customer’s location that you can instantly connect to wherever you are.

You’ll be able to see issues like:

  • Excessive tilt
  • Spectrum suck outs
  • Overdriven channels
  • RF notches
  • Standing waves
  • Resonant peaking
  • Ingress and other interference

Serious Savings

Think about the test equipment you won’t need to buy. Think about the trucks you won’t need to roll. What would that mean to your bottom line? Not to mention increased productivity from your staff, faster repairs in the field and less hassle for your customers.

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