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Powerful, Convenient and Cost-effective Broadband Diagnostics for Field Technicians

Do you provide test equipment to your field techs? Do you wish you could, but can’t afford it? You can extend the power of TruVizion into the field with TechVizion.

Meters are bulky and only provide limited information.  DOCSIS Analyzers provide a lot of really useful data, but are heavy and pricey. They can cost $5,000 or more and then you have to replace them every few years.  What a racket. With TechVizion, your technicians can carry something that weighs only a few ounces, and is a piece of gear they likely already have with them everywhere they go.

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TechVizion works in conjunction with TruVizion, and is compatible with most mobile devices. Unlike test equipment that can only see what it’s connected to, TechVizion makes it fast and easy to verify the quality of a subscriber’s connection and even check on other modems in the area from any location—without bulky and expensive proprietary equipment, and without the need to drive from place to place to connect up.

With conventional test equipment, your techs are limited to seeing only what’s occurring on that device at that time. TechVizion also provides up to 24 hours of historical data on key parameters for the modem and even the upstream channel for cable subscribers. This can make the difference between quickly solving an issue the first time, and multiple service calls.

Best of all, TechVizion also has an optional feature that allows you to view spectrum just like you were looking at a meter. For a nominal fee we’ll add a tab so you can see the full spectrum for all data and video channels passing through any modem or set-top box that supports full band capture. You can remotely view the spectrum at a subscriber’s home on your mobile device from any location.

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