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Thank you for your interest in evaluating Upstream Analyzer, ZCorum’s Remote Return Path Monitoring tool for DOCSIS networks. In implementing your trial we will work with your teams to ensure a smooth installation so you can start reaping the benefits of an improved network right away. Use the trial period to find out how it can improve your network and keep your subscribers satisfied.

We’re confident that you will quickly see that Upstream Analyzer is a powerful tool that can significantly improve your network quality and operational efficiency. Once you’ve completed your trial, you will be able to purchase a license without the need to reinstall or go through the setup process again.

To get started, contact us using the form provided or by phone at 678-507-5000 ext 5562.


  • Increase network performance with real-time visibility into upstream spectrum without the need for any additional equipment, cables, splitters or connectors.
  • See the noise floor of any upstream and see specific modem signals by clicking on the MAC address.
  • With one click view the ingress under the DOCSIS carrier without moving the modem to a different frequency.
  • Avoid future outages and create subscriber loyalty.


When you sign up for an Upstream Analyzer trial you will receive a trial package with instructions and examples on how to proceed.

The steps to trial are as follows:

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