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Helpdesk: End-User Tech Support

Let’s face it. It’s why you and we are in business. The customer. They’re king. They’re always right (most of the time). They are the center of our universe. Without them, we’d have no business.

We understand how important your customer relationships are, because they’re just as important to us. That’s why we go out of our way to create “raving fans”. We want your customers to be raving fans of your technical support team (that would be us), which we hope will make a raving fan of you.

We’re different than other call centers. For one thing, your customers will be talking to people in our facilities right here in the USA, not halfway around the world. We also live and breath IP. We don’t take calls about bank accounts or book orders. We’ve been supporting Internet customers since the beginning–when a 14.4 modem was a marvel of technology.

Okay, we’re dating ourselves, but you can be confident that we know the Internet business, and that we were there when broadband began. We support multiple broadband technologies and a boatload of equipment flavors. We don’t stop there. We support VoIP accounts, email, home networking, security suites and more. We even do basic troubleshooting for traditional video and telephone subscribers.

We also take the time needed to resolve each call. We’re not in the business of hurrying folks off the phone. We’re in the business of helping people. Whatever it takes. You’ll know how we’re doing, too. We email a survey to every customer who calls in, and we get rave reviews, which is what you’d expect from raving fans.

Doing your own support, but could use a little back-up? We’d love to help. If you don’t need us round-the-clock, we can handle your weekend calls, holidays, after-hours calls and overflow with our white label technical support.

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Need CATV support? Watch this.

Helpdesk Features

  • Reach us via toll-free number, chat and email
  • Support for the connection, email, voice and video
  • Home networking and WiFi support
  • Support for popular internet security suites
  • All calls to inbound queue recorded


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