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Is Your Data Center Ready for the Internet of Things?

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Can your networks handle anticipated increases in information flow related to Internet of Things (IoT) optimization? Subscriber to Service Provider: “So what you’re telling me Mr. Internet Provider is that I can run my lawn sprinkler [...]

The Hold Up with the Internet of Things

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The term Internet of Things was first coined by Kevin Ashton in 1999, but actually, the Internet of Things goes back a lot further than merely 15 years. In fact, already in 1926, we saw [...]

Internet of Things: What’s the World Coming To?

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Sitting with a group of people at halftime last weekend, I threw out the phrase The Internet of Things and asked them what they thought it was or would be. (Without looking it up on [...]

Ask an Expert: Broadband Predictions for 2016 – Part One

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Broadband Predictions for 2016 - Part One In this long winter month, it’s time to present our annual installment of broadband predictions from our Chief Technical Guru. We asked Helms for another set of predictions [...]