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Five Steps to Turn Around a Customer

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If you're in the business of providing any kind of product or service, there's no doubt you've heard this from a customer: “I HAVE A COMPLAINT!!!”. More often than not, the complaints that come across [...]

Are Your Reps Prepared for “The Moment of Truth”

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In today’s economy we have to earn the right to serve our customers every day.  After more than a few years of experience I’ve learned that nothing can be taken for granted.  As a customer, [...]

Creating Fans with Responsive Customer Service

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Providing responsive and competent customer service has always been an important part of creating happy customers. Today this is more important than ever, and can mean the difference between creating fans of your brand, or [...]

Providing Terwitterific Customer Service

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I recently spoke to a group of telephone companies about social media, and talked about how they could leverage some of the popular social media channels to improve their marketing and support efforts. I knew [...]

Stop Asking Customers for Symptoms

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As any technical support representative can tell you, it's not always easy to get a customer to share the information needed to troubleshoot their problem. It's not that they're being purposefully difficult, they just may [...]

Go on “Safari”, Hunt “Firefox”…Just Don’t Call Yourself “Explorer”

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Last week news broke that Apple had finally surpassed Microsoft in terms of market capitalization. While Microsoft is still quite profitable, this news further validates that other companies like Apple and Google are gaining even [...]

Broadband Talk: 5 Things to Be Prepared for in 2010

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Content - books, movies, music, TV shows - continues to be king in 2010. Yesterday we reviewed the top five stories  in broadband in 2009. Today we look forward to 2010 and discuss [...]

Easy, Efficient Escalation from Tech Support

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View the current status of nearby modems to determine if one customer, or many customers, are affected. Customers don't want to spend time on the phone troubleshooting with tech support, only to find [...]

Goodwill to Men, All Year Round

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How often do you touch base with your customers just for the sake of doing something nice? We all want to communicate with our customers as often as possible, but anything other than what is [...]

Can One Simple Thing Really Boost ARPU & Protect My Network?

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Protect your customers from viruses and malware and they're more likely to stick with you. Is it possible to find a product that helps independent broadband providers protect their networks and also increase [...]

Love Letters to Tech Support

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Customers writing love letters to tech support? Sounds ridiculous, doesn't it? But it's possible and the excerpts below from Bruce N. in Arizona, a customer of one of ZCorum's Affiliates, show just how glowing the [...]