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5 Tech Gadgets I Can’t Live Without

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In today’s world, technology plays a key role in our daily lives.  Honestly, I could not imagine my life without certain gadgets that seem to make my world spin or at least run a bit [...]

How Does Your Smartphone Mobile Security Benefit You?

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A few weeks ago my husband misplaced his smart phone while we were out shopping. When we realized that his phone was missing, I instantly felt sick as we had no idea where he had [...]

Why I Won’t Be Switching to iPhone 5

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Time stood still for all of 12 minutes as Apple announced it's plans for the new iPhone 5. I think by now, we really, really need to stop over-anticipating that Apple is about to release [...]

Broadband Talk: 5 Things to Be Prepared for in 2010

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Content - books, movies, music, TV shows - continues to be king in 2010. Yesterday we reviewed the top five stories  in broadband in 2009. Today we look forward to 2010 and discuss [...]