5 Tech Gadgets I Can’t Live Without

February 21st, 2013|

In today’s world, technology plays a key role in our daily lives.  Honestly, I could not imagine my life without certain gadgets that seem to make my world spin or at least run a bit smoother.  I often find myself wondering what we all did before these gadgets came in and took over our […]

How Does Your Smartphone Mobile Security Benefit You?

January 7th, 2013|

A few weeks ago my husband misplaced his smart phone while we were out shopping. When we realized that his phone was missing, I instantly felt sick as we had no idea where he had left his phone. We tried locating the phone by placing a call to his number, but as I expected, […]

Why I Won’t Be Switching to iPhone 5

September 13th, 2012|

Time stood still for all of 12 minutes as Apple announced it’s plans for the new iPhone 5. I think by now, we really, really need to stop over-anticipating that Apple is about to release some self-flying apparatus that can wash our dishes and cook dinner when we don’t feel up to the task. […]

Broadband Talk: 5 Things to Be Prepared for in 2010

December 31st, 2009|

Yesterday we reviewed the top five stories  in broadband in 2009.

Today we look forward to 2010 and discuss the questions that independent broadband providers should be asking themselves to get ready.

1. National Broadband Plan

December 2009 brought the first grant allocations from the RUS and NTIA as part of the The American Recovery and Reinvestment […]

Your Customers’ Christmas Wish List

December 3rd, 2009|

It’s Christmas morning and all over town your customers are gleefully tearing into their gifts. Santa delivered laptops, desktops, netbooks, e-Readers, digital cameras, smartphones and your customers want to them all connected to the Internet….now.

Is your tech support team ready for the flood of Christmas morning calls?

New Computers, New Operating Systems

Netbooks and laptops are […]