docsis codeword errors

DOCSIS codeword errors is terminology that you may or may not be familiar with. But, no matter which camp you’re in, it is important to know that monitoring codeword errors will enable you to improve your subscribers quality of experience. DOCSIS codeword errors are the deciding factor if you have an RF impairment or if you do not have an RF impairment. Period.

Brady Volpe, a highly respected speaker and industry thought leader on broadband joined us for this webinar. Brady is a frequent present at industry trade shows, conferences and regional seminars. He has published numerous articles in worldwide trade journals and authored several white papers on DOCSIS protocol and VoIP test and analysis. Scott Helms, Vice President of Technology at ZCorum, joins Brady in the discussion.

In this webinar, Brady and Scott will discuss:

  • Monitoring Codeword Errors and why it’s crucial to do so
  • Troubleshooting issues with Codeword Errors
  • Using Codeword Errors as a forecasting tool for proactive management

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