If you’re like most cable providers, it’s been a challenge to keep up with the increasing demand for bandwidth. As quickly as you add capacity, it seems you need more, and the cost of constantly bumping up your bandwidth probably isn’t being offset by an increase in revenue per subscriber. If you think demand is high now, just wait. According to Cisco’s latest VNI Forecast, by 2017 video traffic running across your network will be four times higher than it was in 2012. Obviously, throwing more bandwidth at the problem is an unsustainable business model. There are solutions that can help you control subscriber usage and increase revenue per subscriber, especially from that segment of users that consume a disproportionate amount of data on your network.

To help you get started with these issues, Rick Yuzzi has prepared a white paper on the Best Practices for Implementing Broadband Usage Management to provide further insight into usage management issues.

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