Best Practices for Providing Uncompromising Broadband Support

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A recent poll ranking the customer service of 235 companies across 19 industries found that cable and telco providers aren’t scoring so well with their customers. The bottom of the barrel in this survey is a who’s who of TV and Internet companies, with eleven of those companies landing between 222 to 235 in the rankings.

Uncompromising broadband support is about giving broadband subscribers what they want, and being able to identify these wants is of key importance when developing an effective strategy.

So how do you improve your support services and keep your subscribers happy? In this free white paper, Jason Young, ZCorum’s VP of Support Services,  relate practical advice on improving your own broadband support, whether just starting out or already operating your own support center.

Highlights from the white paper include:

  • Creating a Plan of Action
  • Giving Subscribers What They Want
  • Agent Development


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