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princetownZCorum’s Engineering Team: Princetown Cable’s Winning Combination

“To all you guys who helped me through that ordeal, Wes, DJ, Brian Tim, Buddy, I lost track there were so many of you, all I can say is thanks. Unexpected, unintended, bizarre, all are in play in describing that experience. My new backbone provider admitted they ‘dropped the ball’, but you guys certainly picked it up. “
Jim D'Allaird, Princetown Cable

Broadband Case StudiesProfile: Princetown Cable 

Princetown Cable is a service provider located in eastern New York.  They offer cable television and broadband cable Internet services to subscribers in the Schenectady area, fifteen miles northwest of the state capital of Albany.

Problem: Missteps During Circuit Provider Transfer

Transferring from one circuit provider to another doesn’t have to be a cumbersome task, but it certainly has to be meticulously planned and well-executed.  Jim D’Allaird at Princetown Cable recognized that his subscribers needed more bandwidth, and decided to transfer his services to another backbone provider.  He and his team worked diligently beforehand with ZCorum engineers to develop and execute a strategy for a seamless transfer.

On the afternoon of the transfer the new circuit provider assured Jim that all processes had been completed and the switch to their service could begin. Jim contacted the current circuit provider just before the end of the business day and requested that services be discontinued. Unfortunately, when the old circuit was turned off, it became quickly apparent that the new circuit provider had not completed all internal processes for the transfer to actually happen. Because of the new provider’s missteps, Princetown Cable was facing an outage that could have lasted for days.

Solution:  ZCorum’s Engineering Team Takes Control

Getting the old circuit turned back up in a timely fashion was not feasible. Jim was well aware of the impact an extended outage would have on his subscribers and his business, so he immediately reached out to ZCorum’s engineers for assistance. Lead Engineer Tim Smith assured Jim that ZCorum would take the reins and do everything possible to ensure that his subscribers would not suffer a prolonged outage.

ZCorum’s engineering team went to work on identifying why the new provider had not completed the circuit transition, and finding a resolution to Princetown Cable’s problem. The new circuit provider contended that a Letter of Authorization (LOA) was not received. Tim and his team didn’t take no for an answer, working non-stop on the issue for nearly 24 hours until the new circuit was up the next day. In the end, it turned out that the LOA had been sent months earlier. The new circuit provider admitted that their internal processes had failed.

In times like these, ZCorum’s engineers are a reliable and persistent extension of your staff, and produce results when working under pressure.  Confronted with a mission-critical issue, Jim allowed ZCorum to take control and was able to avert a serious situation, while preserving his company’s reputation with his subscribers.