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Meet Aileen

So, what goes on during Aileen’s day at ZCorum as a Systems Engineer? Usually, you can find her doing a bit of everything. From scripting to ensuring that services are running properly on recent software additions. And if you’re a ZCorum Affiliate using email services, then Aileen probably had a hand in making sure that your
customers are getting those much needed coupons.

When something new is going on around here or even the phrase “new project” is mentioned, you can bet Aileen is excited because she thrives on being challenged. Learning the latest industry trends just keeps her wheels turning. Being a part of the Systems Team takes a great deal of dedication and expertise but most importantly, the ability to dance when no one is watching. Yes, Aileen and her team members keep all of ZCorum’s existing systems running like clockwork, so when the day ends, she sneaks into the networking lab and does her very own victory dance. In between dances she researches the technical problems that she encounters during the daily hustle.

When away from work, Aileen mans the fort at home with her husband of 20 years who also happens to be a computer programmer. Can you say techie conversations over breakfast? Aileen and her husband have two children who are starting to share their parents’ love of computers, so they likely have future programmers and engineers in the making.

Aileen loves a good book, and she enjoys reading and writing. She reads everything she can and uses writing as a means to channel and organize her thoughts. But here’s the kicker….Aileen is on her way to becoming the ultimate rocker. Her mom bought her a guitar when she was born so she’s finally taking guitar lessons to put it to good use. Maybe she can come up with a theme song for her daughter’s the troop leader for that too. Aileen is a regular Renaissance woman.

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