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So, what goes on during Aileen’s day at ZCorum as a Systems Engineer? Usually, you can find her doing a bit of everything: from scripting to ensuring that services are running properly on recent software additions. When something new is going on around here or even the phrase “new project” is mentioned, Aileen is all in. Learning the latest industry trends just keeps her wheels turning.

Being a part of the Systems Team takes a great deal of dedication and expertise but most importantly, the ability to dance when no one is watching. Yes, Aileen and her team members keep all of ZCorum’s existing systems running like clockwork, so when the day ends, she sneaks into the networking lab and does her very own victory dance. In between dances she researches the technical problems that she encounters during the daily hustle.

When away from work, Aileen can be found spending time with her husband, daughter and son. Her passion for learning never stops, as she loves to read, write and explore the arts. Next on her list is relearning a skill that her grandmother taught her – crocheting. If history is any indication, she’ll be great at that too!

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