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Alejandro was born and grew up in the South and when we say south, we mean way down south in Venezuela, South America. Venezuela was always his home, but when it came time for life-changing moves, he left home and headed north to Boston, Massachusetts. What a culture shock! After studying Mechanical Engineering at Northeastern University, he traded the snowy north for the warmth of his birth country. With his love of engineering, he enrolled in the Universidad de Los Andes in Venezuela and broadened his skills with Systems Engineering.

Thinking like an engineer comes naturally for Alejandro and, like all engineers, he is up for the enormous challenges. His first regional position was Business Development Manager–Central America & Caribbean for Huawei Technologies Co. LTD. He says being in charge of a regional position was exciting and he met a lot of new people and saw their different approaches to business and life. From then on, he was hooked on working exclusively in the Latin America (LATAM) market.

Always ready for a new challenge, Alejandro later became the project director for British Telecom’s Latin America Datacenter in Caracas. Heading this project involved the construction of a new Datacenter. He followed that success with a major wireless broadband network project for DIGITEL, a predominant telecom operator in the Latin America region.

Putting those big brands aside, he explains how his best work usually grows from authentic relationships, “Being able to bring value and interact with people who have a thing for technology is a great joy for me. Doing so across one entire region like LATAM is the best. I am passionate about providing the means to turn a whole ISP operation around for the good, to be a part of it and witness it.” Life ultimately brought him back to the US, and that’s when ZCorum scooped him up! Now he’s happy to make his home here in Georgia, just another kind of south.

Here at ZCorum, he has been successful in helping Latin America companies in their digital transformation while overseeing the day-to-day details of the LATAM and Caribbean accounts that come through our doors. When not at work, Alejandro spends time with his wife, an accomplished artist who has a PHD in Fine Arts from a University in Japan and has current commissions at California Science Center and Rutgers University. Alejandro’s own artistic side involves a range of interests, including restoring German classic cars and black and white photography (the real film kind, not any of that digital stuff). And in his spare time, he’s also working on a fiction novel.

Alejandro still lives by a quote attributed to Winston Churchill; “Success is never definitive; defeat is never fatal; courage is what is important”. Alejandro says he has learned that challenges and adversity teach a person courage. And it is actually being courageous that really helps you to push through to success. But success or failure shouldn’t define you; they are just part of life. Inspiring words for us all as he continues to make his mark in both Latin America and here at home.


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