Alex Rivera

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Trading one big city for another, Alex came to Georgia and ZCorum in 2006 looking for a new professional challenge. He quickly found that and promptly hit the ground running. Spending the prior eighteen years in the telecommunications business didn’t hurt either, even if it was “way out west”. Born and raised in Tucson, Arizona, just an hour down the road from the Ok Corral, Alex denies being a cowboy but we’ve heard he can do a mean Wyatt Earp impression when the mood hits.

In his role as Director of Sales, he is responsible for helping to grow ZCorum’s customer base and is a teacher, salesman, forward thinking business man, problem solver and a stress reliever. Alex shares daily with his team the many lessons he has learned about how to sell with passion and purpose. He helps his team to diagnose and treat common broadband ailments with prospect companies of all sizes, and explains how the best sales department usually grows from authentic relationships.

And then he helps his team receive the recognition they deserve for their work.

When he’s not being a vocal ambassador for ZCorum’s products, or helping elevate his sales team to excellence, he can be found with his wife and children, changing the world by building orphanages in Africa and guiding some amazing community projects with his church. Social responsibility is alive and well in Alex – his philosophy is all about “being a part of something bigger than ourselves and using our gifts to foster change wherever we can.” Well said.

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