Meet Amy

For Amy Bryant, talking with others and wanting to be helpful comes naturally. At a very early age, Amy learned the art of being adaptive. Amy was born in Alaska, moved to Greece and then was raised throughout the United States, as her father was in the military. After settling down in Mobile, AL, Amy received great advice: don’t end up sitting on your front porch when you are older having only done one thing in your life. Amy took this advice to heart and approached each career opportunity with joy.

Starting out in fashion merchandising, Amy wanted to be a designer but life took her in another direction. She soon found herself owning her own pottery business. Amy went back to school earning her teaching degree which led to her teaching Pre-K and Kindergarten…a career that had her being called “mommy” by many little ones.

After teaching for several years, Amy began working for McGraw-Hill selling books to elementary schools. Her time spent in the classroom made her familiar with the books and she enjoyed selling a product she believed in. From there, Amy made another drastic change and started selling in the IT industry.

Amy’s cheerful voice can be heard reaching out to customers to tell them all about the wide-range of ZCorum products and services. She has learned throughout her flavorful career the art of listening and saying what you mean. And her sunny disposition is evident with every call she makes.
When she isn’t reaching out to new people and discussing the benefits of ZCorum, Amy can be found creating art and spending time traveling with her adored husband and son in their VW bus.

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