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Life was interesting growing up as a PK (preacher’s kid) for troubleshooting engineer Daniel Holloway. Moving from city to city every couple of years because of his father’s ministry didn’t take away his love for his hometown of Metter Georgia. Once Daniel graduated, he knew that it was time to start blazing his own trails to get on the right track even if it meant putting down the motorcycles that he was fondly attached to since the sixth grade. Just like he used to tell his mother when he was a kid, where there’s a will there’s a way, and Daniel knew that he was about to pave his way.

Heading to ZCorum about five years ago was an obvious choice for Daniel because he loves sinking his hands into problem-solving, and with his beginnings as a level one technician in the Swainsboro call center, problem-solving is THE name of the game. Daniel quickly developed a knack for anticipating what customers wanted, which is a skill that easily allowed him to be able to transition into his current role as a troubleshooting engineer. He, like many others at ZCorum, possessed a natural ability for all things tech and greatly excelled at it.

When Daniel jumped ship to the troubleshooting engineering team, he learned what it meant to be better than you were yesterday. What keeps his busy, you ask? Whether it’s keeping Nagios monitoring in check and braving network outages, or complex network problems and Affiliates that just want to ensure their routers are performing, he goes the extra mile. Variety is the spice of life for Daniel as a troubleshooting engineer since the various issues he encounters keeps him on his toes and allows him to be able to develop more advanced skills as he progresses in the position. He credits his team members and everyone that he works with in ensuring that as the newbie, he’s able to remain competent and continue learning every day even if that means putting in long hours. He’s willing to do the work.

Daniel’s interest outside of work are certainly not singular. His father started a ministry that followed the off-road racing series, GNCC, and and Daniel’s interests in motorcycles as a kid, carried over into his adult life. Even though he can’t be President of his Creative Writing club since he’s technically no longer a student, Daniel continues to write fiction and has some secret topics in the works. He’s not sharing those topics, but he is continuing to share his voice and love for singing. He started out as a bass in a choraliers group and is still blowing as a member of his church’s contemporary worship band. He promises to put a video on YouTube so that everyone can check him out.

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