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Eva grew up among an Egyptian pyramid, a Venetian Grand Canal, and the Eiffel Tower, in a land far, far away that most of us know as Las Vegas. As a native of the Mohave Desert, Eva’s move to Georgia and her transition to the South has been both challenging and exciting. Though missing her family and friends, she’s doing a first rate job of managing a new job, new atmospheric conditions and a map full of streets all name Peachtree. Her new BFFs are her GPS and her weather apps.

Eva has brought with her a unique combination of empathy, organization, and human resource experience to ZCorum. She has a full hat-rack in her corner, wearing hats in HR, sales and marketing and a side order of party planning as she helps strengthen both internal and external relationships. She genuinely enjoys helping people and with her fun attitude and cool head, everyone loves having her around.

Eva’s calm composure and compassionate approach to her duties reminds us daily of her mantra to always keep in mind that you never know what someone else may be going through. Eva feels it’s important to set a positive example as she believes seeing someone behave in a genuine and affirming way inspires others to do the same.

But for all Eva’s serenity, when she comes face to face with a Georgia bug she’ll scream like a girl. And the southern combination of rain and humidity combined with the Atlanta traffic nearly had her running back to the 24 hour neon lights. But we’ve managed to show her some of the sweeter sides of Georgia life and she is looking forward to exploring the southeast with her family. In her free time she can be found spending time with her husband, their daughter and son. Like a true super mom, Eva considers her kids to be her greatest accomplishments and looks forward to retiring and following them around the world if they should ever try to move away. Good luck Mom!

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