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Just because she’s part of the Administration and Accounting team doesn’t mean that Fay Morris thinks in pluses and minuses all day. She and her family headed to the U.S from Barbados many years ago, and Fay got her first taste of the limitless opportunities that are available here. After getting her degree in Business Administration / Travel & Tourism, Fay, being the self-motivator that she is, set out to put the hard work and core values that she learned growing up to use in the workforce.

Arriving at ZCorum in 2000, her “southern” accent hadn’t quite kicked in yet, but Fay used the experience that she gained at JP Morgan on Wall Street in New York to put her business administration skills to use. She assists with the Accounting team and ensures that payroll is processed because she knows that when it comes to pay checks, there’s no room for error, so even when she’s away from her desk, you’ll never find Fay without a calculator. She even has a personalized one with rhinestones that she uses when no one is watching!

Fay also ensures that the office is running smoothly and keeps the executives straight because she understands how hectic days can be when you’re running a company that provides in-demand services to broadband operators all over the place. Because she’s the primary example of organization, everyone has come to rely on Fay to remember all company birthdays and she’s fine with that as long as she gets the second piece of cake after the birthday honoree.

Fay and her husband are regular jet setters, literally, because her husband works for an airline, and Fay is a former airline employee, so it’s natural that they love to travel and see the world. Being exposed to the different cultures that they’ve come in contact with has helped her mold her perception of people and life. For Fay, life is too short to spend it in one place, and while she loves Atlanta, getting away is always the answer to any problem – no numbers involved!

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