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If it’s not done right start from scratch and do it over. That’s the daily mantra of systems engineer, George Tober when he’s in his “lab” developing and writing code to ensure that ZCorum’s internal software programs work. Having grown up in New York to Washington and then heading to Georgia, he knew that programming would eventually become a passion of his because his ideas kept jumping outside the box and just wouldn’t stay in.

Starting at ZCorum in 1998, George went along the technical support path and hashed it out with some of the first dial-up customers that connected to the Internet. Being inquisitive and interested in how things work, in his spare time, he started to learn PHP and MySQL, which led to the beginning phases of him starting to work with the Development Team. George laid the foundation for one of ZCorum’s most long-lasting internal systems, Afftrak, which is used by technical support in the troubleshooting process. Through consistent redesign and upgrades, Afftrak is still in use nearly 13 years after its original development.

George kept pounding away at the code but wanted a shot at creating more powerful and useful internal programs for every department within the company, which led to him becoming a team member for the Systems Engineers. So exactly how does George’s day go as a systems’ engineer? After diving head first into a json project that funneled information to and from internal databases, George can now be found working on developing a system that allows ZCorum’s Sales Team to obtain information directly from PEA and BCC servers without an engineer intervening. Efficiency is what it’s all about, and George is efficient AND always on time.

At some point in his day, George has to leave the programming behind to head out to the softball field with his two granddaughters. Although he wishes he could throw like some of the girls, George instead puts on his coach’s uniform where he’s been coaching one of the county teams for the past four years. Three of those years his team has been number one in the local softball league, so maybe he put his programming skills to use in coming up with a winning formula. George also likes to stay in tune with mother nature and regularly goes out on camping and hiking excursions bringing his grandkids along so they too can witness the beauty of the wonderful outdoors. He’s yet to find a softball diamond out in the wilderness, but maybe he should keep looking.

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