Meet Jason P.

We always hear that curiosity killed the cat, but Systems Engineer Jason Peters considers curiosity to be one of his most beneficial attributes. Growing up in Georgia may have had something to do with this or maybe he developed this curiosity after graduating from Covenant College, but either way, he firmly believes, if you want to know something, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

As part of the Systems Engineer team, Jason spends a lot of his time writing code and administering internal systems for ZCorum. Mozilla’s release of its Firefox web browser was a pivotal moment in Jason deciding to stick with the code route because it opened up the door of possibility with what can be accomplished with the right program.

Jason just might be a cubicle dweller because once he gets deeply involved in a project, he likes to wait to come up for air. He recently headed a project that modified internal IP pool monitoring code so ZCorum engineers can better differentiate pool usage for VoIP CPE devices. Of course throughout this entire process, he made his list and checked it twice because he’s an avid proponent of documentation. If it’s not documented, it may as well not have been done. If Jason is learning new things with his department – he’s happy. If he’s producing useful things with his department – he’s happy. He’s a simple kind of guy that just enjoys writing code.

Taking documenting to another level, Jason is a self-proclaimed DIY-er, so if he thinks he can make it, he’s certainly going to try it. He of course has to write down the steps to leave no stone unturned when he’s working on his latest masterpiece. Maybe it’s that curiosity that’s getting the best of him since his hobbies and interests change as much as the Georgia weather.

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