Meet Joe

A native of North Carolina, Joe grew up along the Cape Fear River among the longleaf pines and sandy soil of Fayetteville, near one of the nerve centers for the U.S. military, Ft. Bragg. After attending college in his home town, Joe began his career just an hour up the road in Raleigh, at the engineering firm ITT. From there, he upped his game at NorTel and racked up some multi-million dollar deals. Always moving forward, Joe ventured to the “big city” of Atlanta, and after thirty-three years here, Joe calls Georgia home.

Joe has spent those past three decades in Georgia, honing his sales savvy. Along the way of work-life, he mentored Jr Level Sales reps who then went on to achieve great success in their careers. Joe’s convictions to always listen to the customer and never try to pull the wool over a customer’s eyes, have served him well in his sales journey. And those convictions are just part of why we scooped him up for ZCorum.

Abiding by his philosophy of “Excess within Control” (we don’t know what it means either but it sounds cool), Joe brings a unique combination of interpersonal skills and customer relationship building to his work. He says, “As a lead specialist, I like to talk to people…uncover their needs and provide the perfect solution”.

Joe’s lighthearted side involves a mix of calm and adrenalin. Joe’s passions include golf, which he plays as often as he can. He’s also braved skydiving. He said it was a rush, and he would do it again. And what about his hang gliding rush? “I will NEVER do that again.” Excess in control, indeed!


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