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Julie’s experience in this business goes back to the time when new technologies and challenges were popping up every day. A Georgia born girl who went “over the border” to school at the University of Alabama in Birmingham, she got involved in the software business soon after and never looked back. Remember those old Motorola pagers that your doctor was always looking at? Yep, that was her software.

During Julie’s career, her work has received numerous national awards including Product of the Year Award twice and the Fast Tech 50 Award five times. Since 2012 she has been recognized with the prestigious Technology Association of Georgia Top 40 Technology Company Award, and five Business of Excellence Awards. From the Georgia Department of Economic Development she has received five GLOBE Awards and in 2020 was awarded Exporter of the Year in the large company class along with her sixth GLOBE award. In 2016 Julie was honored with two BTR Diamond Awards for ZCorum’s broadband diagnostics products, TruVizion and Remote Spectrum, and again in 2020 she met another Four Diamond Award for the company’s TruVizion application for Fiber diagnostics. The Diamond Award program recognizes top solutions for the cable industry and is rigorously judged by a panel of cable engineering experts from Time Warner Cable, Bright House Networks, Suddenlink Communications, Comcast, Charter and Cox.  High Standards! Julie has also been granted patents for TruVizion, which is ZCorum’s flagship software product, and she has more patents in the works. She is frequently called upon and quoted as an industry expert in many publications. The lady has the right stuff!

Julie’s philosophy is threefold. First, engage fully in every aspect of life…family, work and hobbies. Second, when trying to solve a problem, climb out of your box, take a stroll around and get other perspectives. And finally, give everyone around you the opportunity to make a difference.

Wife, mom, busy executive, she never stops. Really. In addition to her workload as our Boss and company inspiration, Julie is busy giving back with her involvement in a non-profit organization dedicated to helping women with a variety of needs and concerns.

So when she’s not out changing the world, and she’s not here at ZCorum, you’ll find her with her family, loving her life.

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    Women in Cable Telecommunications (WICT)

    Julie in Action

    2020 Annual Fiber Network Owners Alliance Conference
    Jekyll Island Convention Center
    Jekyll Island Georgia
    March 29-31, 2020