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Have you sharpened your customer service skills today? Business Account Manager Linda Josey can help with that. The self-professed country girl prides herself on excellent customer service, and although she’s a Florida transplant, the southern charm she learned as a kid in Lilburn, Georgia likely came from growing up in the south. Everyone knows about that good ‘ole Southern hospitality, and you can definitely find that in Linda. She’s not baking pies, but she understands that in customer service you have to treat others as you want to be treated.

Linda joined the ZCorum team in 1998, and like others before her, started out in customer support. This was a happy spot for her, and she didn’t mind giving herself a pat on the back for going above and beyond what’s required for customers because she’s walked a mile (or a 1,000) in their shoes. Customer support could be tough at times, but even when dial-up modems were all the rage, she had no issues trying a different initialization string in a modem to work on slow connection issues even if it meant trying a different one for the 20th time. Patience was definitely a virtue. And documenting. Documentation, documentation, and more documentation.

Having a genuine desire to help coupled with the right attitude for building within her company led Linda to make the transition into becoming a Business Account Manager. She’s the mouthpiece between ZCorum and our affiliates, and from the rave reviews that she receives, they love her (insert that southern hospitality). She keeps herself in check with her Rule of Three:

  1. Be organized: If you’re not organized, you may as well get in the car and go back home.
  2. Don’t take no for an answer: There’s ALWAYS a solution.
  3. Follow through on your promises: Your word is who you are.

Her Rule of Three rules her day, but she also finds herself moonlighting as a sales associate because she often sells affiliates on many of the services that ZCorum provides. She sees nothing wrong with training a new affiliate on TruVizion and throwing in that we can help manage and administer their email services all while getting them set up with a live demo of PreEqualization Analyzer.

While Linda does enjoy wearing her Business Account Manager hat, when she leaves work, she trades that in for a sun hat and bug spray and heads straight for Lake Sinclair. Although we haven’t seen any photographic evidence of her catches, she’s an avid fisher and can drive a boat like Earnhardt tore up the tracks. Ok, she’s not really into speed boating, but when she’s simmering down, she and her husband and her miniature Dachshund, Willie, like to travel the country and take golf cart rides whenever they want to put the pedal to the metal. During this time, they think about retiring to Florida and starting a business on the beach. How’s that for old age?

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