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Did someone say broadband lover? That goes with the territory as Strategic Account Manager, Liz Flatow gets her wheels turning with broadband providers all over the world. This foodie, who enjoys hitting all of the trendiest restaurants in the city, was born and raised right here in Alpharetta before moving a few towns over to Buckhead. Graduating from Georgia State University put her on track to start her ascension into a successful career path because Liz knew that she’d only get out of her career what she put into it. ZCorum is where she landed.

Liz joined the ZCorum team back in 2012 and soon learned that her mantra of persistence coincided well with her work as a Strategic Account Manager. You can’t close a deal if you’re not persistent, right? When she’s not being featured in one of our broadband videos or arriving in your mailbox via postcard, Liz can be found providing assistance to our domestic and international broadband providers. Don’t be surprised if you’re a provider and receive a cold call from her. She knows the value that ZCorum’s services provide and only wants to ensure that your company is able to reap the benefits that so many other providers are already enjoying.

Thinking about trying out a ZCorum product? Liz can help you with that as she is frequently found providing web demos of ZCorum’s tools and services. She can also throw in needs and ROI analyses if you want that, too. You just might run into her at the next industry trade show, so stop by and say “Hey Liz, I’d like to try out PreEqualization Analyzer,” and then the magic happens.

When she’s not in sales mode, Liz enjoys volunteering for a non-profit animal rescue. She usually does this on her weekends, which also gives her time to spend with her dog, Ace, who is the son she never had! Luckily, he doesn’t have to do tricks for her attention considering Liz was once the owner of some pretty exotic pets including a chinchilla, a duck, and a ferret. Her house might just become a regular animal planet in the future.

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