Meet Lora

Born and raised in Akron, Ohio, Lora only had to go a hop, skip and a jump away from home to attend Kent State University. While there she majored in journalism and mass communication but kept up her love of art by painting and sketching whenever she had the time. Later while doing volunteer design work for the American Red Cross she experienced one of those “aha” moments and realized she could combine her writing skills and her love of art into one satisfying career in design. She’s been going down that creative road ever since.

Lora’s mantra is that life is short, so finding out what makes you happy and settling for nothing less is essential. After various graphic design and writing stints for companies in the Atlanta area Lora came to ZCorum. When Lora arrived she was looking for leadership, teamwork and results. She says she’s found all three, as well as that settle-for-nothing-less happiness at ZCorum.

As a member of the ZCorum Marketing Department, Lora loves being a part of a team of marketers, sales, developers, engineers, leadership and administration colleagues that create, sell and market the technology solutions to ZCorum’s customers. Lora lives by the rule that important things can be accomplished by being proactive with a can-do attitude, even when met with a big challenge. And she’s up for the challenges at her new ZCorum home.

Lora is married with two growing daughters and she spends her down time with her family and friends, entertaining, painting and traveling.

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