Meet Marsha

A native Georgian from just down the road, Marsha spent her childhood summers swimming all day, writing stories at night, and zipping through books at the library on rainy days. Growing up she fed her passion for writing by editing school newspapers and even had her work included in a college literature publication while still in high school. Once upon a time a wanna-be journalist at the University of Georgia, Marsha always searches for the most interesting approach to tell a story and is constantly figuring out how to take technology topics and make them inspiring. Taking the lead on projects to position ZCorum as an expert in broadband technology, she looks for ways to help the company’s thought leaders receive the recognition they deserve for their work.

Before she joined ZCorum’s family, Marsha worked for another broadband solutions company in Atlanta where she learned how to build a marketing department from scratch. When she arrived at ZCorum, she was looking for a more collaborative atmosphere than she’d had in her previous life and here she found it…and a home! In her role as marketing specialist and technical writer, she hones her craft on technical papers, press releases, software manuals and copy for the company website.

An explorer at heart, she’s always game to go new places and try new things. She’s jumped off waterfalls in dark caves, been swimming with Masai warriors in Zanzibar and earned a private pilot’s license. In her free time she can be found with her family and friends planning another new adventure or combing a beach for treasure.

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