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Marty grew up in a land far, far away that some refer to as Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Then straight out of school he joined the US Army which says a lot about Marty’s character as this was during the Vietnam era. At the same time as his peers were staging sit-ins and blockading bridges Marty was voluntarily serving his country. During his time in the Army, as he was roasting in the Texas heat and freezing in Alaska’s tundra, he trained and worked as a telephone lineman and from there his future in communications technology took hold.

Throughout his career Marty has worked with companies of all shapes and sizes, from small startups where he was the salesman, project manager, installation engineer, network engineer and field engineer all at once, on up to big guns like Ericsson. He became well versed in every phase of the industry including outside plant construction, planning and staging and deploying communications networks. He became an evangelist for adapting to and accommodating change and believes it is crucial in the industry today where things are always changing and ‘a new and better way’ is always coming up.

Marty’s chameleon-like adaptability has resulted in an impressive arsenal of skills and he brings a unique combination of curiosity, puzzle solving and technical experience to ZCorum as our Solutions Architect. But if you ask, Marty will put those accomplishments aside and explain how his best work was on a two year project in Guyana, South Africa, helping to modernize the country’s communications infrastructure. “That experience helped me expand my outlook towards other cultures and helped me appreciate things that I had taken for granted before”.

But if technology hadn’t grabbed him first, Marty might have been a rock star, as his greatest enjoyment is playing guitar. He also plays banjo, ukulele, keyboards and yep, the accordion. But he says life’s busyness takes up so much time that a garage band is just a daydream right now.

All that music in his soul brings out the philosopher in him as he shares his (and now our!) most important life lesson – that age is just a number. “When you’re twenty you think fifty is old. When you’re fifty you feel thirty. And when you’re seventy, fifty looks like adolescence. Your life is now. You keeping waiting for that amazing thing to happen in the future that will be the key to happiness. But this is it. Your life is right now.” Great advice Marty!


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