Melissa Amerson

Meet Melissa

Melissa (she’s been at ZCorum nearly half the time she’s been on the planet), is another born and bred southern girl, raised right here in Georgia. She got involved with ZCorum right after high school, settled in, started a family, built a team, honed her craft and never left. She’s an incredible over achiever with the right value system. She even teaches Sunday school. No kidding. And she’s definitely here by choice, not by chance.

Professionally Melissa has been involved with customer service from the day she walked in the door. But it was in the role of ZCorum’s Service Manager, and now as Director of Affiliate Services, that she found her calling. She is passionate about creating a true alliance between her team and ZCorum’s affiliates and excels as the customers’ advocate when interacting on their behalf. She also shepherds her long-serving team in finding needed solutions and coaches them to become experts in making those solutions work for customers. Her team, that she affectionately calls “the girls”, has been working together for thirteen years.

Melissa admits to being a driven, high expectations type of person.  When she wants a solution to a problem she wants it yesterday. Her family calls it “Mom on a mission!” but around here “Melissa on a Mission” means things are getting done. Word of warning though…wear your Kevlar if you plan on telling her there’s no solution to a problem. She’ll tell you straight up, “When you think you’ve gone as far as you can go on a problem, think again. There’s always another rock to look under!”

When she’s not being the go-to person for ZCorum’s affiliates, she can be found being super wife and mom to husband Rodney and their active boys, Lee and Josh. And then there’s that other passion…she LOVES to sing. In the car, in the shower, on the phone, in the church choir and she spent three years with a gospel group. Some lucky affiliates have even been serenaded. Just give the girl a microphone!

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