Meet Michael

Although he thinks his attention to detail is annoying for most people, Systems Engineer team lead, Michael Shoemaker, or just “Shoe,” doesn’t mind being an annoyance. His tenacity with problems ensures that ZCorum Affiliate services are running smoothly. He’s very passionate about what he does and knows his strengths and lets his work speak for itself.

Michael burst through the gates of technical support as a level 1 technician in ZCorum’s Gordon call center facility. Everyone around him soon realized that he really should be the person providing guidance to help other technicians rather than being on the phone troubleshooting broadband issues. Michael excelled, as did those he helped. His demeanor was infectious and people adopted what he was teaching.

Michael was a great help in training other technicians, but his next challenge proved to be even better. A Linux computer was put in front of him, and his only instructions were “make it work.” Never backing down from a challenge, Michael went to work on getting the computer to become functional. He was soon making sure that all Linux stations in the call center were working. Being hands on coupled with assertiveness, heading to the systems engineering team was a no brainer.

Now, Michael is team lead for his group, and although he proclaims he’s not a manager, he steps up to the plate when there are provisioning issues for affiliates. Details keep him focused, and he works by two simple principles: Pay attention and K.I.S.S. – Keep It Simple Stupid! He’s all about keeping things simple and not being overly complicated.

You’re literally in for a treat with Michael as he’s confessed his secret love is baking. He proudly wears his “Born to Bake” apron when he’s whipping up cupcakes or some other tasty treat. His two daughters must surely have friends that never want to go home with all the sweet smells coming from the kitchen. When the oven mitts come off, Michael is beefing up his gaming skills in the tabletop and digital game arena. If you suspect that he’s doctored one of the games, then he just might have, he is after all a systems engineer. But with his skills, he’s likely to put other players to shame the right way.


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