Meet Neal

Perseverance is a necessity to be successful as a troubleshooting engineer at ZCorum, and Neal McClure has it. Attending Dublin High School and Valdosta State University, Neal left the great state of Georgia and took a job as a network administrator for a company in Maryland. Maryland was nice, but being born in Georgia he missed the great weather and his family, so he headed back for further adventures in help desk support.

Neal got his start with ZCorum in 2008 as a level one technician with the technical support team. Working with his fellow team members in the Gordon call center, he quickly adapted to broadband and network support concepts and was able to eventually take those skills to the troubleshooting engineering team. He credits his refined troubleshooting skills to working for the help desk team of a major auto repair and maintenance company. While there he learned that patience is definitely a virtue. ZCorum was able to benefit from those early career lessons as Neal gets rave reviews from ZCorum Affiliates on his professionalism and knowledge.

Now that he’s joined the troubleshooting engineer club, Neal takes on more complex problems that may surface. If your CMTS is being a little wonky, Neal and his team members are on the job to make sure its back in action. Because he takes pride in solving problems, if Neal doesn’t have the answer, he’s going down the line with everyone until he finds it. He values being able to have systematic practices that help him achieve the results he needs. Structure is very important to him as is customer service. Neal’s philosophy on support is simple – No matter how easy or complex your problem is, the core principle is always customer service.

At home, Neal is a simple kind of guy. He enjoys doing regular guy things like taking in a movie with his friends and sitting through those delightful family dinners where everyone has some type of gadget attached to their hand but can somehow still manage to eat and interact with each other. If he’s not at home, he’s out walking his dog or catching up on some of his favorite lines from the Star Wars movies. Although he loves his computers, one thing you won’t find on them is Microsoft Access. Just chop it up to experience.

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