Meet Richard

Late one August evening in 1969, Hurricane Camille tore through Alabama causing billions in damages, hundreds of injuries, much grief and at least one birth that we know of, our own Richard DeMars.

As ZCorum’s Senior Systems Architect, Richard’s quiet and thoughtful manner in the office defies his windy entrance to the world and his eventful life to follow. Starting at an early age he learned about success and the important lessons of respecting and honoring yourself and others. And where did he learn these lessons? He had the distinct honor of attending multiple small group educational meetings with Paul “Bear” Bryant. And we southerners know this is a really big deal!

What he learned at Bear Bryant’s knee paid off when he embarked on his startup company for IT services and SAAS (Software as a Service). Richard then went on to accept another challenge, to take the vision of ZCorum’s management team and align it with the company’s direction for the future. Building the tools that his team members use to better serve ZCorum’s customers, Richard stands by his favorite quote that ‘everyone around him is his customer’.

When he’s not at ZCorum, Richard is off molding young technology minds as an adjunct teacher at Lanier Technical College and as a member of the Business and Technology Committee in the Forsyth County School System. Richard provides mentorship and guidance and enjoys shaping future technology colleagues.

As a former nationally ranked collegiate fencer, that’s with real swords you know, Richard attributes patience and more patience to his success both in his work and apparently in his hobbies. And before you go sailing with him be sure and ask him about that time he was five miles off the coast of Naples, Florida, being thrown overboard and shipwrecked in the deep, blue sea. True story!

These days Richard can be found closer to home pursuing calmer adventures spending “Dad” time with his two daughters, who are both honor students, one in high school and one at the University of Georgia. They keep him grounded and very proud.

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