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There aren’t many people here who can remember ZCorum without Rick. He was one of the first employees, coming on board in 1995 and brought with him experience in the technology business that now spans several decades. Prior to ZCorum, Rick managed teams at Knowledgeware, a developer of software development tools, and Proto Systems of Atlanta, a manufacturer of printed circuit boards. And in the 1980s, when computers weighed more than your car and most people didn’t own one, Rick managed sales and marketing efforts at Quadram Corporation, a computer peripheral manufacturer. So it’s not a stretch when we say he knows this business.

A true wordsmith, his ability to “think like the customer” and explain the concepts and technologies behind the products is one of the things that bridges the gap between engineering, marketing and sales. At ZCorum, Rick is involved in all aspects of ZCorum’s brand and product identities. And though he prefers not to talk about himself, he does like to talk about ZCorum’s products.

Rick is often called upon by the media for interviews and quotes; he speaks at conferences and is often published in industry trade journals. He also is the host of ZCorum’s Tech Tuesday live broadcasts. He contributes regularly to the Business of Broadband Blog and has also written a novella, The Twelve Days of Christmas, which he’s been told would make a great Hallmark Channel movie.

Rick exemplifies his faith by his actions every day, both in his personal life and at work. “Treat others the way you would like to be treated. Don’t think too highly of yourself but always stand up for what’s right. Oh, and pick your fights carefully.” Be really happy about that last part because he’s a third degree black belt and taught karate for twenty years. He can break you in half but he’s one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet. No kidding.

Rick Yuzzi’s Presentation Topics

Marketing has not always been a high priority for service providers because they were often the only game in town. They had plenty of business and were busy bringing on every new customer who needed their service. Given today’s competitive environment that just isn’t the case anymore and operators need to make sure they stand out in a world full of subscriber options. There are marketing and advertising basics that every company should know and practice. Marketing is the key to building and maintaining your customer base and increasing brand awareness. This presentation covers basics for those wanting to learn more about how to market their business.
Some companies want to ignore social media because they don’t control the message. But, that doesn’t stop others from talking about you. You could also be missing a great opportunity to engage with customers and prospects. You need a strategy using social media to protect your reputation, build relationships, boost customer loyalty and increase brand awareness. This presentation covers the various ways and different social channels to achieve these goals.
Service Providers have various strategies for growing their subscriber base, and often the singular focus is on adding new subscribers. This is a worthy goal, but strategies for minimizing churn should also be included in a growth strategy because every customer lost is a customer that must be replaced to break even. This presentation covers ways to track and manage churn to minimize customer losses, which will help maintain a positive impact to the bottom line as new subscribers are added.
Service Providers are seeing the need to implement bandwidth usage policies. There can be push-back from subscribers, and often this is because policies implemented are not well thought out, and not communicated properly. This presentation covers the types of policies that should be implemented and how to effectively communicate those new policies to improve subscriber acceptance.

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