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Scott Wang knows network maintenance and performance to a tee, and he’s able to keep up with the demand each day as he braves the trenches as a troubleshooting engineer. Born in Taiwan, Scott came to the United States in 1993, so needless to say, he’s racked up his fair share of frequent flyer miles as his family remains back home in Asia. He attended Washington University majoring in Electrical Engineering and started out with the “practice makes perfect” mantra heading into the work force.

Scott has been with ZCorum since 2000 and brings the same vigor to work each day as if it was his first day. As part of the troubleshooting engineering team, he’s on the front line to ensure that ZCorum Affiliate networks are performing optimally with no glaring issues. Scott likes to think of himself as a first responder because he’s the first person on the scene when trouble arises, and he’s aiming to stomp out that trouble before it has to go elsewhere. This role gives Scott the opportunity to keep his learning wheels turning. He’s always excited about the next big thing, and like his other team members, he knows there’s no way but up when it comes to technology and the learning curve.

If you ask Scott about the most rewarding part of his job, he’ll tell you it’s the awesome feeling that he gets when a ZCorum Affiliate praises him for solving their problem. He also likes to give a shout out to our very own Buddy Bertram for training him on becoming a great engineer and setting the path so that Scott is able to provide exemplary service. Maybe it’s the strawberry Pop Tarts that he loves that adds to his super powers.

On the weekends, Scott likes to lace up the boots and hit the trail with his wife to enjoy a good hiking session. He’s an avid animal lover, and if he could, he’d take his two cats along, but they like to stay home and out of the hills. Although Scott likes to put people first at home and on the job, in this case, the cats may win.

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