Meet Sheenika

Flashing back to 2004 was a great time when Sheenika started out as part of ZCorum’s Technical Support team. She still remembers the horrors of the “screech” while endlessly troubleshooting issues for dialup and broadband customers that just wanted to connect to their Internet and connect NOW! Technology came naturally, and she began to progress into different roles within the company managing groups of fellow technicians for broadband support and eventually being responsible for heading up the first group of technicians when ZCorum stepped into the VoIP arena.

While dabbling in content for ZCorum’s Business of Broadband Blog, Sheenika jumped at the chance to be more integral in the creative process for the company and joined the Marketing team. These days, she is trying to describe ZCorum’s products and services in 140 characters or less as she’s responsible for being the voice of ZCorum’s social media. That blog that she loved writing content for is also on her list of priorities coupled with web updates and maintenance for various ZCorum-administered websites.

Growing up in Georgia gave Sheenika a head start that she needed to be able to channel her inner creativity because living in a small town and having nothing to do makes the imagination run wild. Although she hates the word “crafty,” most of her friends describe her that way because she’s constantly coming up with some idea that’s making someone’s kids become the teacher’s pet. Naturally, a transition into Marketing was just what the doctor ordered.

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