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When an affiliate has CMTS or network issues, who do they call? Stefan. As a network engineer, Stefan spends his days with ZCorum troubleshooting affiliate networks and configuring CMTS (which he enjoys), DHCP servers, and handling other network-related issues. Stefan loves a challenge and starts right in on any given situation. He has a passion for knowledge and ideas and doesn’t cut corners or take the easy way out.

Before getting involved in the world of broadband and networking, Stefan worked in construction. He decided to go back to school in 2014, attending Gwinnet Technical College with a major in Networking. After acquiring his CCNA networking certification, he eventually made his way into the doors of ZCorum.

When not delving into affiliate networks, Stefan is an avid traveler and hiker, and rides his motorcycle whenever he can. Stefan lives with his wife (and best friend) Lidia, and their daughter, Cristina.

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