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Ever know a person that just can’t walk out the door if something is unfinished? Meet Stephanie Brooks. She might just stroll beside someone to the parking lot to discuss whether or not there’s an update to a work order. She’s not leaving you without an answer. When you work in Administration you have to be persistent, and Stephanie knows persistence. But she claims she was a ball of nerves when initially coming to ZCorum. At this point, the nerves are long gone.

Joining ZCorum in 1999, Stephanie started out with the technical support team and eventually became a call center ninja as she progressed to taking upwards of 45 calls a day. She’ll be the first to tell you that technical support wasn’t always easy like Sunday morning, and she credits the support managers that were with her in the beginning with getting her over the newbie hump. From there, she began developing business account relations that eventually led to into her current position. Working in Administration definitely requires organization and adapting to a fast-paced environment because Stephanie is the person that keeps all of ZCorum’s work orders on track. When an Affiliate needs an engineer to make changes to an IP pool, Stephanie will see to it that the request gets to the right people. And ZCorum VoIP providers can rest easy at night knowing that their customers will stay connected to their VoiSelect services because Stephanie has a hand in that too. And everyone at ZCorum knows to look for her signature purple font when it’s time to check on a work order.

No stranger to hard work, Stephanie’s best advice for anyone working anywhere is to be excited about your job and excited about life. Even though she’s been with ZCorum sixteen years, she still revels in that excitement and loves that she’s able to balance her time between her career and her two children. Her oldest son provided military service and also battled cancer, so Stephanie has a wrap on having a positive outlook and he keeps a smile on her face every day. That smile is also courtesy of her youngest son who likes to make music and keeps her laughing, and we all know, laughter is the best medicine.

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