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Have you ever encountered a person that could be the spokesperson for happiness across America? That’s Business Account Manager, Theresa “Peacemaker” Lane. Theresa started out her life early with a balancing act that wasn’t part of the circus. She always knew that she wanted a large family but not at the expense of her education, so she immediately began working and going to college for nursing. Little did she know that later, she would end up speaking to a local commerce committee on the exact topic of working at ZCorum and balancing her family life.

Theresa remembers walking through the doors of the call center in 1998 and not looking back. Being in customer support was the polar opposite of being the OB-GYN nurse that she set out to be, but working at ZCorum, she couldn’t resist the techie lingo and environment. It starts to become a part of everyday life, and Theresa was no exception. Thinking back, she fondly remembers working with dial-up Internet connection issues and cringing at the very thought of having to do that all over again. No one can really say they’ve experienced the best the Internet has to offer until they’ve heard the screeching sound of a modem connecting 50+ times a day. She tips her hat to the current customer support representatives that have the pleasure of hearing this beautiful music.

While working in customer support honed her customer service skills to a tee, Theresa began to dabble in web hosting with her move to working with ZCorum’s “in-house” ISP, Web hosting presented its own challenges, but this high speed and VoIP stuff that she kept hearing about piqued her interest, and she had to get her hands on that. In transitioning to a Business Account Manager, Theresa was able to become immersed in these new technologies. Broadband and helping those who provided it, was “it” for her. Armed with her checklists and new found organizational skills, she jumped right in and began to develop lasting relationships with ZCorum’s Affiliates. She became the go-to trainer for internal services as this was a passion of hers. If there’s a training session, Theresa’s somewhere waiting in the wings to get started.

When she’s not being a mother-figure at work, Theresa has mom and grandmom duties that rival that of the Duggars. She has 7 children and 18 grandchildren, so her downtime is consumed with family, and she’s perfectly okay with that. By now, you would think that she’d be all baked out, but everyone at ZCorum knows that Theresa bakes the best cupcakes around. She’s even a local news star and did a segment advocating for local businesses to give hardworking minorities a chance for employment. How’s that for making you smile?

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