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When you’ve been a ZCorum network engineer for years, you definitely know that you’ll never encounter the same day twice. Hailing from Marietta, Tim came bursting through the gates with a desire to take on the rigors of the job and was promoted to lead implementation engineer before his first year was out. Of course, this was no easy feat, and he has the battle wounds to show for it, having learned more during this time than any other time.

Having a knack for details and multi-tasking and being able to effectively communicate worked out in Tim’s favor in the initial development phases of ZCorum’s TruVizion diagnostic software. He honed his communication skills as one of the primary engineer liaisons between the Development Team and the ZCorum Affiliates that would later benefit from using TruVizion.

Tim’s experience as one of the primary on-call engineers for ZCorum Affiliates in Pennsylvania and Louisiana during the 9/11 and Hurricane Katrina events added to his perseverance and taught him how essential it is to be able to make sacrifices to keep operations moving. Working tirelessly to restore Internet services during those times reiterated his belief that when called to do a job, do it to the best of your ability. Tim passed this belief system on to others in the company and was instrumental in developing many of the troubleshooting engineers that are on the front lines for ZCorum Affiliates.

Although it can be difficult to pull Tim away from ZCorum, you can probably find him somewhere cheering on the University of Georgia Bulldogs where his daughter is a graduate of the Terry Business College. He’s not ashamed to admit that he reps the red and black. Guess it’s safe to say that he’s a Bulldog Dad for life!

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