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The quiet ones always seem to hoard the most information, and network engineer Wesley Cox is a classic example of a hoarder. Growing up in rural Georgia and developing a love of all things tech at a young age, he was destined to be “Team Nerd.” He poured through Cisco books and took that learning on the road to earning a degree in Information Systems and becoming CCNA certified. Impressive for someone who believes that while education is essential, experience is the best teacher. Oh, and did we mention that he can’t get enough of reading philosophy and history books too? He mixes all of this up to make the nerd soup that he brings to work with him daily at ZCorum.

When he walked through the doors of the Swainsboro call center back in 2001, Wesley manned the fort as a technical support representative in customer support but his hoarding tendencies kicked in, and he knew that he wanted to learn more. ZCorum’s call center growth and expansion of network engineering services was the perfect opportunity as he migrated into a NOC position. In addition to assisting ZCorum Affiliates, he mastered the company’s LAN and phone switches and was the go-to guy for any problems that resulted, so he didn’t mind getting up out of his bed at 3am to resolve issues. In fact, he would often use these experiences as a way to further develop his analytical problem solving tactics because he’s a firm believer in tackling issues from the surface to avoid having to repairing the effects of a problem rather than the cause.

Did we mention experience again? Designing cable, DSL, and wireless networks for ZCorum Affiliates was added to his plate, and he ate all that he could eat with his move to data engineering, but he
couldn’t stop there. His love of networking wouldn’t let him rest, so now, Wesley is the fire chief at ZCorum leading a team of network engineers that puts out the fires for service outages in both the voice and data sectors. Who you gonna call when your network is down? It will likely be Wesley’s group unless you just want to call Ghostbusters.

When he actually takes a minute to take off his fireman’s hat and stop thinking about what how he can come up with a better solution the next time he encounters a problem, Wesley can usually be found
riding solo on trips that he takes to places like the Grand Canyon or Canada. Imagine the selfies that he has on his camera that he’s not sharing with anyone! When you see him, ask him about some of his adventures or even about his extensive coin collection. He certainly has stories to tell.

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