Meet Will

Will was born and raised near that crazy part of the country called Washington DC. But he still qualifies as a southern gentleman as his “official” birthplace is Virginia. Later on he sealed the deal by attending school in North Carolina at Ambassador Baptist College.

Will began his life after college with an internship at a church back home in Virginia while making mean cappuccinos at Starbucks. But somewhere along the line, he caught the technology bug. He traveled even further south to sweet home Alabama and went to work for Google Fiber as a broadband technician. Soon he was hooked for good. After Google, he moved closer to us in Georgia, again working in IT, until we snagged him for ourselves and brought him to our Gordon office.

Will lost no time in taking the lead on projects for our affiliates and interacting with them every day. In his role he puts in the time to build relationships, listening to the affiliates’ needs and presenting solutions to help them serve their subscribers more efficiently.

Will’s watchword, Integrity, means doing what is right, especially by others, no matter the cost. He believes there is no substitute for hard work and challenges himself each day to prove it. He is absolutely committed to the objective of providing excellent customer service and living up to ZCorum’s core values of Respect, Honesty and Commitment. Will feels that he has landed in a unique company where living those values, with our customers and employees, is not the exception but the rule.

A foodie at heart, he’s always game to try the weirdest thing on the menu though we’re not sure yet if he can cook. In his free time he sticks to his roots, investing in others through his local church ministry. And he’s such a nice guy we may even forgive him his love of DC sports teams.


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