Welcome NCTC Members!

ZCorum places high value on our relationship with NCTC and all its operator members, both large and small and we’re extremely proud that we can call so many of you our customers. We consider our affiliation with NCTC as part of a great team working together for your future success.

Our software solutions provide operators with diagnostics tools like Truvizion, Remote Spectrum, PreEqualization Analyzer and Upstream Analyzer. We help our customers build revenue streams by offering Commercial and Residential VoIP, Internet Security plans, and Bandwidth Management Programs.

Our Georgia based technical support teams provides the highest level of customer support for all your services including broadband, Cable TV, VoIP, even gaming devices. We’re there for you 24/7/365 or for overflow or after hours support.

And you’re never without someone to answer your questions or lend a hand. A dedicated account manager is assigned to each of our customers and is there to help make sure your services are running smoothly.

When you log in to your NCTC membership pages you can find our product pages where exclusive NCTC benefits are available to operator members. ZCorum is honored to be an NCTC Approved Vendor and we look forward to serving you!

Partner Recognition Program

We’re proud of our partnership with NCTC and we’re pleased to offer special pricing and benefits to its members. ZCorum’s Partner Recognition Program offers NCTC members exclusive pricing on the newest broadband products utilizing the latest in broadband technology. All qualified NCTC members are eligible for these discounts.

Exclusive Pricing for NCTC Members on:

  • PreEqualization Analyzer
  • Upstream Analyzer
  • Bandwidth Commander
  • Provisioning

In addition to special pricing ZCorum presents NCTC Member Only webinars featuring experts on current topics of interest to members, including Code Word Errors, DDoS Attacks, Bandwidth Management and more.

Testimonials from NCTC Members

I was unexpectedly surprised. The pre-planning that Scott and Buddy did obviously paid off. I can’t tell you what they might have done different to have made it any smoother, which is a testimony to how well it went. We’re very happy with the level of service we and our customers now receive from ZCorum. We are also big fans of their TruVizion diagnostics software, which is much better than what we had before.
Bob Young, WEHCO Video
PreEqualization Analyzer pointed us to a bad fitting that was over 600-feet away. We never would have found that fitting had it not been for that tool. It’s one of those things that are like ghosts, you know they are there, but you can’t find them. PreEqualization Analyzer pointed us right to the problem. It’s definitely making a difference in how we troubleshoot issues and how we will maintain our plant in the future. It has been an absolute success for us.
Marty Carollo, Sweetwater Cable
I’m looking forward to working with ZCorum, and am already happy with the level of customer service they’ve been providing to our customers and my staff. I also know that my techs are excited about the TruVizion diagnostics tool.
Cathy Donovan, Polaris Cable
I can’t imagine not having Truvizion anymore. Our employees from a CSR to a line tech to the headend tech all use Truvizion for monitoring and troubleshooting. It has saved us lots of man hours in finding problems. And support services for end users have really reduced the truck rolls and calls we get at our offices.
Roy Osborne, Willamstown Cable