personal-cloud-storagePersonal Cloud Storage and the StoAmigo CloudLocker

In the information age, personal computing devices and home networks often don’t have enough built-in storage space to handle all of our photos, videos, music and movies we have on our devices. To help with this growing need, several types of storage solutions have been developed over the years.

  • USB sticks and external drives
  • Network Attached Storage (NAS) devices
  • Cloud storage services on the Internet

Of the three, cloud storage has become especially popular as multiple providers now offer convenient, Internet-based services that can automatically transfer data from our computers, tablets and phones both at home and while roaming. The drawback to the Internet cloud systems is that copies of all that personal data are sent to unspecified far-away locations, which for some can raise concerns over security and control.

Enter a special category of products called personal cloud storage systems. These devices combine the best features of both Internet cloud storage and NAS devices. Instead of relying on remote data hosting, they provide large amounts of storage locally to you, together with options for controlling online sharing.

We talked with Rick Stiles, Vice President of Product Development at StoAmigo, to get his thoughts on the future of cloud computing and why it is suddenly on the forefront of our computing lives. StoAmigo is the creator of the CloudLocker personal cloud storage device.

ZCorum: Why is the question of cloud security suddenly on everyone’s mind?

Stiles: It seems like every day we’re hearing about security breaches, so people are more aware of the issue than ever before, especially in the aftermath of the NSA and Snowden leaks. Anyone who turns on the news today is generally aware of the risks of sharing data and storing private info in the cloud somewhere, especially things like tax forms, the title to your house, medical information or other sensitive documents.

ZCorum: But there are some nice benefits to cloud storage.

Stiles: Sure. People like having their data accessible from anywhere, as well as the ability to share with others, whether that’s getting access to a personal document away from home, or sharing pictures of your last vacation. The question is how do we take the ubiquitous nature of the cloud and all of those advantages, but still give people the ability to securely manage and share the data they have.  People want the ability to share what they need to, but not have their personal data sitting on a server somewhere else, presided over by some corporation or service. 

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