ZCorum’s PreEqualization Analyzer software provides the Tennessee cable operator with key diagnostic information for proactively troubleshooting impairments in their DOCSIS network.

benton county cable press releaseAlpharetta, GA (November 26, 2014) — ZCorum, a leading provider of managed broadband services and diagnostics software, announced this week that Camden, Tennessee based Benton County Cable, has signed a multi-year contract for PreEqualization Analyzer, ZCorum’s proactive network maintenance (PNM) tool for DOCSIS networks.

ZCorum already provides a full suite of managed broadband services for Benton County Cable including cable diagnostics via TruVizion software, subscriber provisioning and end user technical support. Deployment of PreEqualization Analyzer will give Benton County Cable the ability to proactively fix impairments in their plant, while benefiting from the improved signal quality inherent in DOCSIS pre-equalization.

PreEqualization Analyzer is a software-based PNM tool that makes use of the pre-equalization data coming from cable modems to identify upstream impairments in the cable plant even before subscriber services are impacted. The tool shows the severity and approximate location of the problem, as well as which devices are being affected by a common impairment.

“PreEqualization analyzer is already contributing to improved customer satisfaction for Benton County Cable,” said Neal Grillot, VP of Operations for ZCorum. “We know the subscriber experience, along with a strong bundle of services, is a key differentiator in maintaining a strong and satisfied customer base.”

“ZCorum’s tools and systems are designed to give broadband providers the competitive edge,” said Julie Compann, President and CEO of ZCorum. “We’re committed to Benton County Cable’s success, and are pleased to offer them another tool to help them provide a superior customer experience.”