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A10 Layer 3 DDoS Case Study thumbLayer 3 Needed a Cost-Effective Way to Offer DDoS Prevention

Layer 3 was seeking a cost-effective way to offer distributed denial of service (DDoS) prevention as a service to protect its customers during their most mission-critical events. As the premier provider for wired and wireless data networking, data center design and implementation, and information
security in the southeastern United States, the company knew it needed a solution that would defend against the most sophisticated threats at a price-point low enough to appeal to clients, but high enough to return an attractive margin. After an extensive search, Layer 3 chose A10
Thunder TPS®. Alan Jones, Layer 3’s director of security services, talks about the company’s decision and the results it has seen so far.


GEUS Broadband Diagnostics Case Study CoverGEUS: Eliminate Troubleshooting Guesswork and Reduce Truck Rolls

In 1999, Greenville’s leaders were having difficulty attracting businesses that needed high speed Internet. So the municipally-owned electric system built a hybrid fiber coaxial (HFC) cable system. Not long after, citizens began connecting to the city’s state of- the-art system that offered cable TV and high speed Internet to more than 10,000 homes and businesses. GEUS has been a ZCorum customer since 2001. Among other managed services, ZCorum provides CPE provisioning, subscriber email and 24 x 7 technical support for the utility’s broadband customers. In 2009 ZCorum introduced their TruVizion Diagnostics software and GEUS was one of the first operators to use the new tool.


ElbertonNet: Turn-Key Digital Voice Solution digital voice case study cover

While ElbertonNET had been providing cable television and broadband internet for years, it had never offered phone service. The incumbent phone company serving the city was charging a premium price for phone service with minimum features. Calls to other parts of the country or even neighboring towns meant additional long distance fees for many customers. Some residents signed up for VoIP service from over-the-top providers to increase features and reduce costs, but call quality was poor. In addition, cell service in many areas was spotty. Residents had no choice but to pay higher prices from the incumbent carrier for reliable phone service.


Canadian MSO: Field Maintenance Troubleshooting Efficiency remote spectrum analyzer case study

As with most major MSOs, one of North America’s largest providers of voice and data communications services started out as a pioneer in the cable and broadband industry. Today they provide a broad range of services including cable television, wireless voice and data communications, and high-speed Internet to almost ten million subscribers. Keeping it all running is a highly skilled and diversified workforce of over 20,000 employees.


Community Communications: Full Services   full managed broadband services case study cover

Even in a small town, being an independent operator can present some big challenges. Keeping a network in top shape plus supporting end-users to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction requires constant diligence and a lot of hard work. Consistent and reliable support from their managed services provider was key to keeping things running smoothly. Unfortunately for Community Communications, their service provider was busy acquiring other companies and things began to change.


Limeston and Bracken: Improved Outage Location Accuracy reduce truck rolls outage resolution case study

Severe weather patterns had been the cause of outages of Limestone and Bracken’s service on more than one occasion, frustrating customers and overwhelming the maintenance and support staff. Generally when severe weather rolls in and affects service, the staff at Limestone would dispatch multiple trucks along the line to locate the source or sources of the outage until the problem was located. And troubleshooting in the field to restore everyone’s service was accomplished on a case-by-case basis.


Cunningham Telephone and Cable: Intermittent Ingress  intermittent ingress case study cover

Founded by Dean and Hazel Cunningham in 1944, Cunningham Telephone and Cable has been serving areas of North Central Kansas for over 65 years and is still run by the Cunningham family. They’ve always been dedicated to providing high quality service to their customers and they continue to focus on customer service and advanced technology products to keep their customers up and running and happy.


Highlands Cable: Remotely View Upstream Spectrum Data  highlands cable upstream analyzer case study cover

In early 2014, Highlands Cable Group underwent a major upheaval when their long-time managed service provider for their provisioning, telephone service and diagnostics was acquired by another company. Facing the sudden release from their contract and disruption of their service to their subscribers, Highlands immediately went looking for another partner that could help them stay on track with the least impact to their subscribers.


Sjoberg’s Cable: Managing Data Use  

Sjoberg’s Cable, a family owned, Minnesota based cable TV, phone, and internet provider has been the local provider since 1962 and prides themselves on offering high speed internet, cable, and digital services to the residents of Thief River Falls.


Cunningham Telephone and Cable: PNM Troubleshooting Tools  cunningham case study straight thumbnail cover

Founded by Dean and Hazel Cunningham in 1944, Cunningham Telephone and Cable has been serving areas of North Central Kansas for over 65 years and is still run by the Cunningham family. They’ve always been dedicated to providing high quality service to their customers and they’re so hands-on the General Manager, Brent Cunningham, even has his email address right on the company website so subscribers can contact him personally. Built from humble beginnings, Cunningham continues to base their growing local business on customer service and advanced products through a large network of fiber optics with digital and IP equipment.


SKYCable: IPv4 Connectivity and Load Balancing  skycable ipv4 case study cover thumb

SKYCable, established in January, 1990, is the largest cable television provider in the Philippines. In 2008, SKYCable introduced SKYBROADBAND, the fastest residential Internet service in the country. Today, SKYCABLE has over 500,000 subscribers and is the number one service provider in the Philippines. SKYCable expects to see strong growth in demand for high-speed broadband services, and aims to maintain its leading position in the market.


Fidelity Communications: Proactive Network Maintenance   a10 suzuka case study cover thumb

In early 2012, Fidelity Communications acquired 14 cable, phone and Internet systems in four states adding about 30,000 new individual customers to their phone, cable TV and high-speed Internet services. In 2014 Fidelity had licensed ZCorum’s TruVizion diagnostics to get a clear line of sight into their network to better troubleshoot subscriber and plant issues. Customer service reps were using TruVizion on every screen, and in the Network Operations Center, TruVizion was in use on every monitoring screen.


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Zito Media: Bandwidth Management  zito media bandwidth management case study cover

To manage their bandwidth allocation amid aggressive growth in video services like Amazon and Netflix and gaming consoles from Sony and Microsoft, Pennsylvania-based Zito Media wanted a tool to help with setting limits and quotas. At the same time, however, the company wanted to focus on the business of running a telecommunications company, not policing the bandwidth.


Spillway Communications: Improved Plant Efficiency  

Spillway Communications is a family owned Cable TV and Internet provider located in Maringouin, Louisiana. The company was founded in 1981 to address the need for better TV service in the community. As their video service became more popular and word spread locally, Spillway Cable started serving other towns nearby that wanted access to cable TV. In 2000 Spillway added Internet service to their offerings and today provides video and broadband services to four different parishes in Southeastern, Louisiana.


Suzuka Cable Net: IPv4 Conservation   a10 suzuka case study cover thumb

Cable Net Suzuka Co., Ltd. is a provider of cable TV broadcasting and Internet services in the Suzuka City area. Having been limited to a maximum speed of 160 Mbps by the coaxial cables and modems used to provide Internet access, the company decided to shift its service to an optical fiber infrastructure to meet the demand for faster networks. As a result, a shortage of new IPv4 addresses became an issue.


Fidelity Communciations: Implementing a PNM Planpnm plan case study fidelity

With an operation that encompassed five states and 50,000 broadband subscribers, Fidelity’s management knew that they had line and maintenance technicians in every market who were always focused on putting out fires. With over 3,000 miles of plant, the techs were steeped in the traditional, reactive response, and were used to doing things the same way for years. When there was an issue on the line they would get someone into the field to do a sweep and balance or a noise mitigation. It was reactive but management knew that work had to continue.

Trans-Video: Reducing Truck Rolls with TruVizion transvideo truvizion case study

As the first cable system in Vermont and one of the oldest in New England, small, independent Trans-Video had limited resources for maintaining their network and keeping their subscribers up and running. When subscribers called in with a problem, their standard procedure was to roll a truck, always an expensive proposition. Troubleshooting issues was an exercise in trial and error by reading a meter and changing settings to see results, if any.


Princetown Cable: Circuit Provider Transferprincetown cable case study

In upstate New York, less than 25 miles from the state capitol of Albany, lies the rural town of Princetown. Historically, Princetown has been a quiet, rural community where farming was the chief occupation from the mid-1700s until the 1940s. Today, the leaders of Princetown try to maintain this same rural atmosphere as most people who move into town do so to enjoy its rural character.


Fidelity Communciations: Provisioning and Diagnostics fidelity truv network insigh cover thumbnail

In early 2012, Fidelity Communications acquired 14 cable, phone and Internet systems in four states adding about 30,000 new individual customers to their phone, cable TV and high-speed Internet services. With the acquisition, Fidelity found themselves with a telecommunications company where all the critical support services; billing, provisioning, technical support, and Network Operations, were being out’sourced to third parties. To complicate matters Fidelity had no real access to their data or view into their network diagnostics for troubleshooting.


Sweetwater Cable Television: Using DOCSIS Pre-Equalization to Find Impairmentssweetwater catv docsis preequalization case study thumb

Located in Rock Springs, Wyoming, an area known for its hometown charm, scenic surroundings, and rich history in coal, Sweetwater Cable TV is a family owned company that’s been in operation since 1956. They’ve developed a stellar reputation as a provider of cable television, Internet, and digital voice services and work hard at upholding that reputation.


San Bruno Cable: After Hours CATV Support  san bruno case study catv support

Located in the San Francisco Peninsula area of California, the City of San Bruno has a mission to provide ‘exemplary services for the community and to enhance and protect the quality of life’. They take their mission seriously and have committed to supporting the community with 21st century services while still maintaining the small town charm San Bruno is known for.


WEHCO Video: Transitioning to a New Managed Broadband Service Provider

WEHCO Video, a part of WEHCO Media, is a diverse communications company with interests in newspapers, cable television and internet business. Headquartered in Little Rock, Arkansas, they began operation with one newspaper in 1909 and have grown to operate twenty five newspapers and 13 cable television companies in 6 states. WEHCO Video provides cable TV service, broadband access, and digital voice to their subscribers.